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Call: 310 480-7350 to schedule an in-person appointment with Patty or Flavio
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We pledge to provide you with a no-cost consultation that includes:

  •   A review of your plan choices (there is over 1300 plan choices in California)
  •   Checking all your doctors to make certain they accept the plan you choose
  •   Assisting you in choosing a medical group which includes all your specialists
  •   Assessing which hospitals are associated with your plan, doctor, and specialists
  •   Comparing all your medications to the plan's formulary to make certain your prescriptions are covered at the lowest cost
  •   Information on how not to fall into the prescription "donut hole", which could cost you thousands of dollars
  •   Understanding any special needs you may have to be sure the proper benefits are included in your health plan
  •   A yearly no-cost review of your benefits because the insurance companies change their plan benefits every year. This will guarantee you receive the maximum number of benefits every year.
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